Studio Element

Postproduction, imagination, collaboration.

Responsive portfolio website developement on Drupal

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Studio Element

Imagine. What we can do together.

The new website for Studio Élément, post-production, colorisation and video production studio based in Quebec and Montreal, needed to showcase all the magnificence and magic of the video production world. The website also needed to offer to the user a practical interface to explore the impressive portfolio. The initial design was created by Simon Giguère and completed by Collab.

Culture before everything

One of the most important section of the website is the “Culture” page. In a story-telling fashion, Studio Element exposes it’s philosophy and approach as well as it’s technological knowledge.

The expertise

Studio Element wanted to showcase the greatness of it’s work in three separate demo reels in the “Demos” section. Watch the “VFX”, “TV” and “10 years of great work” demos now.

Grandiose projects

To showcase Studio Element’s projects in all their splendor, the “Projects” section was built with the idea of presenting images and video first. A “before/after” module was implanted into the projects’ pages to demonstrate all the hard work put into every shot, every picture.

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