Collab is an interactive design studio specializing in building websites for creative businesses. We also build e-commerce websites, web applications, mobiles applications and all sorts of original interactive projects. Discover our approach or explore our projects.


  • Intelligence

    • For Collab, design is at the core of every solution we find to answer our daily challenges. We constantly interact with objects and visual interfaces that must be build according to an intelligent structure. This structure extends human reasoning and behaviour. Thereby, interfaces built and transformed by Collab are intelligent and purposeful.
  • Originality

    • Interactive design ideas must be filled with originality. There is a moment, at the crossroads of experimentation and the fundamental principals of design, a perfect moment where originality arises and glow in the real purpose of a project. This is the moment Collab searches and provokes inside every project, through the exploration of visual and technological possibilities.
  • Durability

    • Collab considers the fuliginous and constant evolution of the interactive world – web, apps, games – as a real opportunity to adopt a vision of sustainability. Interactive projects can and must be sustainable, by the technological structure on which they rest and by the design principles they employ. Building an interactive project is an thoughtful investment of time and money that must live – and prosper.

Jean-Louis Mainguy

Collab is the studio of Jean-Louis Mainguy. Working in web design and development for more than 10 years, Jean-Louis channels a strong desire for originality and research through the creation of interactive projects. In the warm work space in Le Reacteur – at 719 Saint-Vallier Est, bureau 201 – Jean-Louis nourishes and shares a true love for the relation we are constantly building with the web and all it’s virtual concepts.

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